About Us

Why We Stand Out

daniel kim attorneyThe Law Office of Daniel Kim is dedicated to providing our clients with the type of personalized, one-on-one legal representation that many law firms no longer provide. Some firms have over hundreds of clients, and those clients almost never get to speak directly to their attorney. We work hard to develop personal relationships with each client, and we are committed to keeping our client list small so that these personal relationships are possible. When you hire our team, you will work directly with our attorney, as opposed to an unlicensed “case manager” often used by other law firms.

We cater to different personal injury practice areas for anyone who has been involved in, or injured in, a traffic accident. We cover every area of such accidents available, and we do it in a way that truly makes us stand out from other law firms in this field.

  • Car accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Wrongful death
  • Uber/Lyft
  • Brain/Catastrophic injuries

Why Choose Us?

We understand how stressful and confusing any accident can be, especially if it is followed by catastrophic injuries, or even death. In these cases, those who were involved and wrongfully suffered because of someone else’s negligence have a lot to deal with, and doing it on their own can be overwhelming.

This is why we always make sure that each of our clients receives one-on-one legal advice, evaluation and support when they come to our offices. We carefully consider each case, make sure that we have all the information we need to proceed with planning our defense, and get to work immediately. We pride ourselves on our speed and experience in handling a case, and we can assure all clients that they will be put into capable hands that will bring them the compensation that they deserve.

Besides offering you a personalized evaluation and an understanding approach towards your needs, we are also proud of our frequent communication with our clients. We are always here to help explain any questions that you may have, as well as to guide you through the legal process that will precede your acquirement of compensation. We know how important this is for our clients, and how much stress we are able to reduce just by being there for our clients when they need us most.

We are kind and caring towards our clients, but when the time comes to defend your case, we take an aggressive approach and fight with all our might until justice is served. All of our lawyers have many years of experience behind them, which allows them to prepare and defend any legal case with ease and a strong mind. We are not flustered by anyone, and there is nothing that an insurance company can say to make us back down. When you work with us, you work with a team that does the job with power, dedication and justice.

Founded by One of the Best Personal Injury Attorneys

Founded by Atty. Daniel Kim, he leads his team with professional determination and an experienced background in legal cases, which have brought his clients an impressive amount in legal support and compensation.

He is known for his aggressive approach in court and believes that those who were involved in an accident, as well as their families, deserve the best legal support possible, which is why he makes it happen. Treating every client with respect and dedication, Mr. Kim has never faltered when defending a client.

With such an experienced team available, why not give us a call right now to see what we can do to help you.

To schedule your FREE case evaluation, fill out a case evaluation form or contact us at 1-800-560-2139.