Points of Interest in San Diego 

A thriving city that is constantly welcoming visitors from all over the world, San Diego has endless sunshine, countless hiking trails, picturesque shorelines. Not to mention stunning cliffs in Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach miles of sandy coastline with crashing ocean waves perfect for surfing. It attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year who want to experience rest, reinvigoration and relaxation along with business if there for work or a convention. Some are attracted to the city for its laidback atmosphere while for others find the biggest draw is its variance in outdoor activities. Whatever has attracted you, you will want to check out the following sights. 


There is no better way to experience the best of San Diego than Flagship Harbor Cruises. Get aboard a relaxing cruise and take in the sounds, sights and history. Your guide will regale you with interesting facts and history that shaped the distinctive waterfront of the city. The luxury ships feature three comfort levels and outdoor seating, onboard service with snacks, beer, sodas and wine. You will get to enjoy up-close access to stunning waterfront architecture, historical landmarks, military crafts, spectacular photo opportunities and natural sea life. 


Treat yourself to some of the most relaxing, informative and fun-filled tours through the most popular beach destinations in Southern California. Plus, you get a chance to shop, hike, explore caves, dine and relax and check out fine art galleries. There are even boutiques in the secluded upscale area of La Jolla with beautiful boutiques and waterfront restaurants.  


Penguins, Pandas and rare plants are among what you can expect to see when you visit the famous San Diego Zoo. With a vast area of space that measures 100 acres, you will have the feeling that you’ve traveled halfway around the world while seeing some of the most rare and intriguing animals relax in their expansive, natural habitats. With a staggering four thousand animals in captivity, from over eight hundred species, this zoo towers above all other zoo’s in San Diego. 


Just like a piazza in Italy, with chairs, tables, and a fountain constantly bubbling a tranquil background noise, this urban piazza is found in the heart of Little Italy. The piazza in its entirety is simply breathtaking. Bask outside on a sunny day while enjoying coffee a book or rendezvous with friends. This memorial was so named in remembrance of the neighborhood soldiers that perished in the Korean War and is a beautiful monument. The memorial serves as a serene oasis in the midst of one of the city’s busiest districts. 


Want to give your children a fun and historical treat that they have likely only seen in movies? The Fleet Scenic Center is the place to visit. From interactive exhibits to virtual reality to the first IMAX Dome Theater in the world, children will have a lot of fun and won’t even realize that they are learning. At the IMAX Theater, the children will watch blockbuster features on the biggest screens in the world and have a feeling of being afloat in the space all in one day. Get a chance to travel from the outer space to underwater and witness planetarium shows. After that, take a tour of the over one hundred untouchable exhibits in five different galleries. The center even has a special area that’s meant just for children below the age of six. 


San Diego has many of points of interests. You can never be bored once you are here. Whether you’ve come alone for work, with friends or in the company of your family, there is always something that each of you can get immersed in and truly enjoy yourself.