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Car Accidents

Car accidents happen every day, injuring and killing thousands of people. When those accidents are caused by the negligence of another person, there is a remedy. Injured people and the families of those killed can file a claim or a lawsuit against the responsible party to recover medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering. To learn if you are eligible to file a lawsuit, speak with an attorney who understands the complexities of car accident claims.

Motorcycle Accidents

Crash statistics indicate that up to 80% of multi-vehicle accidents between cars or trucks and motorcyclists or bicyclists are not the rider’s fault but the driver’s. Motorcycle and bike riders have the same rights as other drivers on the roads, and cars and trucks are required by law to exercise the same care and concern as they would for any other vehicle. Sadly, many do not. All too often, this results in serious injury and death for thousands of riders and their passengers every year. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, or if your loved one died in a cycle accident, contact The Law Offices of Daniel Kim.

Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents are among the most common of traffic accidents, and they often require a great amount of planning and legal support in order to be handled properly. This is often due to the fact that there are slightly different rules for bicyclists and drivers, which means that coming to a final conclusion as to how the accident will be handled will depend greatly on your lawyer’s ability. Our legal team offers exceptional planning and support those who have been involved in a bicycle accident, and we pride ourselves on how quickly we are able to handle a case.

Pedestrian Accidents

Because pedestrians are without question the most vulnerable members of traffic, we handle their cases with the greatest of pursuit, which ensures the biggest likelihood for a fantastic end result. Pedestrians are very rarely to blame for the traffic accident, and they are often accused of not following traffic rules to their fullest, which is often not true. It is precisely because of the traffic rules, fast paced lives, and minimal space that pedestrians are injured in accident, and why they must be protected at all costs.

Truck Accidents

If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, it’s important to seek legal advice from an experienced attorney as soon as you can. As one of California’s premier truck accident law firms, we can provide the legal advice and representation you need to ensure you’re treated fairly. Contact The Law Offices of Daniel Kim  to learn if you have a case.

Wrongful Death

One of the most stressful and heartbreaking types of accidents is wrongful death. It is traumatic both for those who were involved in the actual accident and for the friends and family of the person who passed away. Many things need to be organized, planned and paid for even though the situation is an extremely depressing one, and this usually takes a toll on the people who have to make all of the final decisions, including preparations for a funeral. Because we understand how difficult wrongful death accidents are, out professional team of lawyers handles all legal worries concerning the battle of compensation for the deceased.

Uber / Lyft

Uber/Lyft accidents are extremely complex when it comes to seeking compensation. Even if the smallest of accidents has occurred, the procedure to gather evidence and prepare a great case for the court is a complex task that may require a small team of lawyers to do. Contact The Law Offices of Daniel Kim or fill out a case evaluation form to schedule your FREE case evaluation

Brain / Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic and brain injuries are a very severe outcome of an accident. Catastrophic injuries refer to any injury that causes incurable and terrible damage to the human body. This includes examples such as comas, amputation, permanent brain damage, and a number of other injuries that would render the victim incapable of continuing a normal life. To schedule your FREE case evaluation, contact us today.