Shopping in Santa Ana, CA

Nestled in the Orange County of California, here is the party town, Santa Ana. A small city with high sense of fashion and a brimming night life, Santa Ana is the place you would visit in spring break. Located right beside the Santa Anan River and just 10 miles away from the coast, Santa Ana gives a lot of beach fun!

Sunbath, play beach ball, surf around and soak yourself in some Santa Ana culture. As the sun goes down, it is time to hit the best malls around! With glamorous brands to try, delicacies to eat and wonderful ambience to experience, shopping in Santa Ana, CA malls are all you need for a perfect weekend!

Shop Till You Drop In Santa Ana


For Your Daily Needs: The Main Place Mall

The largest and oldest in Santa Ana, the Main Place Mall stands tall accommodating everyone in its way. Like any other typical mall, The Main Place tries to serve people from all walks of life. Outlets like Baskin Robins, Brighton, Bath and Body works, California Pizza Kitchen, Coach, Aldo, Cotton On, Diamond Massage etc. are great places to shop in.

With every floor attracting people to buy things, the Min Place is where you go to find the cheapest or most expensive sort of product.

Breath In Some Santa Ana Culture: Downtown 

The downtown Santa Ana is a block of rich culture and enjoyment. With loads of hipsters and Hispanics, the Downtown is an unexpected and independent urban sector in the Orange County. The locals and the tourists blend in to enjoy the edges of culture and arts here. Little pop up shops sell authentic crafts by locals and several quirky things that catch your attention.

Want to indulge in some street shopping and lunching at the bars and restaurants around? The Downtown is the place for you. With musicians popping out of nowhere, dancers and performers flanking the streets, your shopping in Santa Ana while in Downtown will prove to be worth it.

For A Little Bling: Teresa’s Jewelers 

An Up-Class jewelery place that will blow you out of your minds! Laced with friendly treatment, Teresa’s will introduce you to the best jewellery pieces in the town.

Their quality is known for in entire California and is renowned in the elite circles. They make their customers do their homework about the diamonds they buy and sell them authentic pieces.

Orange County Centre For Contemporary Art: For Matured Tastes 

Here is a non-profit organisation that runs art galleries which exhibit and sell contemporary art painted by local painters. Exotic in its making, some abstract and contemporary art hung by your fireplace is something you can brag about while showing the house to your friends.

Shopping Malls Near Santa Ana California


For The Royalty in You: South Coast Plaza

Fancy some up-market fashion? Want to try some of the Zara’s Fall Collection but lament how the Hermes bag that you bought in the store next would not go with any of the colours? How about finding the best of Prada shades, adding sparkle with the Jimmy Choo shoes and getting the perfect Louis Vuitton clutch to match or sprinkling on some lovely Versace perfumes!

Pamper your senses with the world’s most luxurious brands like Valentino, Chloe, Chanel, Rolex and many more! Satisfy your luxuriant self and treat yourself with some precious goodies from these opulent brands. Once you are done with shopping, Indulge in a luxury culinary experience served by Vie De France and Din Tai Fung.

Strolling Through Fashion Allies! Irvine Spectrum Centre 

Remember the “Mall of Miami” in Austin and Ally? That was the Irvine Spectrum Centre! Built in zones for the past 10 years, Irvine Spectrum is an open-air mall to stroll around many fashions spots with some drinks in hand.

The Granada Spain type buildings that house fashion companies provide a great Instagram experience! This is where you find EVERYTHING. From Chipotle to Haagen Dazs, from Garage to Tillys, name the product and you have it here. Plan an expandable budget for Irvine Spectrum, it is going to offer you more than expected!

Lost In the Past: Orange Circle Antique Mall 

This probably is an Antique heaven. This is the one stop in Santa Ana that you need to visit for all your home décor purposes. Decorating your house with previously owned charms and antiques is now in vogue! This is the place that will give you antiques of all types like chairs, walking sticks, antique décor items, charms kitchen ware etc.

All you need to do is stroll down the aisle looking for the best things around. You might even find some antique jewellery. Every turn in the shop has a new surprise waiting for you; every rack has a small thing that holds many stories that will melt your heart.

Attached to it is a little plaza overlooking a fountain with little benches, rest after a lot of strolling!

Stroll through The Outlets at Orange 

Here is another brand hotshot place that would let you stroll around in its open-air ambience. With lovely stroll ways and fountains all around, Outlets at Orange is your place for a colourful night! Brands like DKNY, Nordstrom, Banana Republic, Tommy Hilfiger, Off 5th Saks Fifth Avenues, Victoria Secrets, H & M, Forever 21 and what is not there!

While you are at it, take advantage of the IMAX screens featuring your favourite flicks! Satiate the foodie inside you by feasting at bre whouse, Buffalo Wild Wings, TGIF, Twin dragon, Charley’s Steakery and more.

A Country of Fashion: Fashion Island 

If you want some fashion police to compliment your beach house in Santa Ana, the Fashion Island is what you need to look for. Another elitist mall serves all the top brands for the richer part of the world. Window shopping obviously can be enjoyed too! What’s more? You can bring in your poodle as the mall is pet friendly.

Right at the heart of Newport Beach, Fashion Island provides personal shopping advisors. Can’t get more fancy, right? These personal shoppers will help you cruise though the mall, find the best outfit or gifts that you have been waiting to find. They will cull your ideas, canvas the entire mall send you pictures of things they find and help you tailor make outfits and gifts to you needs!

What are you looking for?

It’s time to slide in your squeaky credit cards, roam around the cobbled roads of Santa Ana, feel the sea breeze and go on a limitless shopping spree. You are in the shopping haven, so shop till you drop.

Indeed, shopping in Santa Ana, CA will never leave you with enough experience!