Stay and Play in San Diego All Day

There are lots of amazing activities to pursue in the beautiful city of San Diego. In this guide, we invite you to get outside your comfort zone for a bit and explore new activities while visiting this city. You might discover that a new pursuit can become an adventure. 

  1. Visit the Coronado Island

Coronado Island is known for a gorgeous classic Hampton style hotel (that is said to be haunted), fine dining restaurants and a beach that is known to be among the best in the whole country. Coronado Island a lively and a compact little town, it has no shortage of interesting and beautiful places to visit. The city’s laid-back nature makes it a good place to escape to. 

You can stroll along its expansive beach, stop for an ice cream at Hotel Del Coronado or a drink in the bar. You can even hang out in the downtown area. For the curious types, Coronado Walking Tower is an excellent place to see.  

  1. Harbor Cruise

Water is one of the defining features of San Diego. With an oceanfront location, you can see expansive views along its shoreline. The views are even more amazing if you explore them by boat. The city views from San Diego Harbor Cruise are picturesque, but you also get a sneak peek at the Pacific Fleet. The bay where it is located is properly protected but should be visible by boat. Time spent on the water cruising about is often never enough (as long as you don’t get seasick), as it typically leaves you craving for just a little more time to spend there.   

  1. Visit La Jolla

This is undoubtedly the most upscale beach town in San Diego. La Jolla is a Spanish word meaning “the jewel.”  A jewel is as it’s located on the cliffs that overlook the ocean, which is what makes it a beautiful place to visit, shop, dine and explore the shores. La Jolla is a great place to quell your need for retail therapy, and it has excellent restaurants. Most dining spots boast with the most amazing ocean views. And if you are an active visitor, there’s plenty in store for you as well. From kayaking to biking or running along the shore, there is no shortage.  For a family-friendly activity, head out to tide-pool hopping, your kids will never be bored.  

  1. Explore Balboa Park

Initially meant only for temporary use during the Panama-California Exposition of 1915, Balboa Park has become the most-loved part of the city. It has beautiful buildings that are attractions in and of themselves, especially if you love photography. The buildings are surrounded by lawns, fountains, and trees as just a start. 

There is something for everyone at Balboa Park. Whether you are visiting as an individual, family or group, you can be sure to find something to enjoy here. You can ride a bike, take a walk, or just enjoy nature for a while.  

  1. Visit the San Diego Zoo

This zoo is rated as among the best in the U.S. and is very active in animal conservation. Its first animal on display was a Kodiak bear in 1916. But today it’s very different from the zoos of the past, providing the most natural settings for animals. The most popular animals in the zoo are the Giant Pandas. However, there are also koalas, albino boa constrictor, and warty pigs. 

If you are planning to visit San Diego, just know there will be no shortage of things to do. From the lively Coronado Island to the famed San Diego Zoo, to amazing beaches, the city is rich with lots of fun activities. It is great for singles, families, and people of any age.