5 Major Events in San Diego 

San Diego is ideal for year-round travel and is the home to many annual events and festivals. Visitors can travel to this beautiful waterfront city any time of year and find extraordinary concerts, sporting events, fairs, parades, and more to attend. Here is a list of the top events held in the city of San Diego. 

  1. San Diego Restaurant Week

San Diego Restaurant Week is a bi-annual event where select restaurants offer a three-course, prix-fixe menu of their most popular dishes for eight consecutive days.  Their chosen menu is typically the best of the best in relation to dishes served within their blossoming San Diego food culture. The restaurants participating in the event usually fill to their capacity during this week, therefore planning ahead is advised. It usually takes place in mid-January and toward the end of September each year. The cost of dinner at a participating restaurant typically ranges from $20 to $50 depending on where you visit. With more than 180 fine restaurants participating, this can be the perfect time to explore the diverse culinary expertise within the city. 

  1. San DiegoBayFood & Wine Festival

This is one of the largest food and wine festivals in the nation with a total of approximately ten thousand visitors attending throughout the week. This one-of-a-kind festival runs from November 12th – 18th this year. Within the event, many national chefs will be celebrated showcasing their most creative culinary masterpieces. Local culinary creators, sommeliers, brewmasters, mixologists, authors and top food bloggers will also be in attendance to experience and participate in the newest industry trends. Many well-known names within the food, beverage, and wine industry will offer their products and sometimes select vineyards. The event is held on the extensive grounds in North Embarcadero Marina Park.   

  1. The San Diego Celebrity Classic

In the midst of Spring during the month of April, The Morgan Run Club and Resort in Rancho Santa Fe hosts a celebrity golf tournament to raise funds for the Rady Children’s Hospital and other charities. The weekend-long tournament brings together over fifty golf celebrities from all over the world. The resort is usually filled with exciting fans of all ages with the general public encouraged to attend. Since it started in 1999, the event has raised over $2M for the various charities in San Diego. 

  1. The North Park Festival of the Arts

The North Park Festival of the Arts is a vibrant annual event in San Diego’s North Park neighborhood. The event features amazing local art, live music, dance performances, and various vendors offering delicious and trendy food items. The event also features San Diego’s finest brewmasters who quench the thirst of city enthusiasts. The theme of the festival is to celebrate the art, culture, and entertainment that San Diego has to offer using a variety of art-centered activities. It usually happens during the month of May, as actual dates per year. 

  1. The San Diego Whale Watching

Throughout the month of December, California Gray Whales make their annual migration to the Baja coast through San Diego. Visitors from other states and all over the world flock to the various harbors in the city just to catch a glimpse of these spectacular mammals.  Along the boat journey mapping their travels, the intimate view of the other sites along the coast is appreciated as well. During this time of the year, the beach is usually about half full yet there are plenty activities are still going on. These include boat tours, beach sports, barbeques, and live music performances at local establishments.   

San Diego has been considered to be an ideal place to live for decades. The warm weather throughout most of the year, the waterfront downtown area, miles of sandy beaches, and various areas of the city each with their own culture have created the city’s great reputation.  The downtown area of San Diego has been renovated in a big way to feel like a small town within a big city.  There is still a personal touch to almost every interaction no matter what area of the city you visit.  Whether you are visiting due to a trade show or professional event, or for a family vacation, there is so much to do within the city that it will be a miracle to be able to see and do it all within a reasonable time frame. No matter how long your stay is for, this is a city that will surely be enjoyed by all.