What To Say And Not To Say To Insurance Companies

July 31, 2020

Negotiating a insurance company is not easy and needs atleast a one time consultation with a accident lawyers Orange County. They are professionals and have experience to handle them.

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What To Say And Not To Say To Insurance Companies

Things you should know before you talk to an insurance company

You must know what you can and you cannot say to a insurance company negotiater. Read the following points as they will help you to get a idea of it.

They are never on your side

The insurance company will always want to save there money and will never be there to actually help you. They will easily compensate any damage in which not much money will be involved, but will hesitate in big amounts. Thus never talk to anyone from insurance company like they want to help you.

Consulting with a professional Accident Lawyers Orange County is the best option for you to actually make a difference.

They knows less about your case than you do

The insurance claim person who you would be consulting you know nothing about your case and would be zero intrested in it too. Its you on your own have to explain and convince the insurance company to explain your accident and get the compensation. And for this you need to collect enough evidence to make your point.

Take photos of the incident and your injury, collect the bills of amount you spent, take interview of the witnesses, this can make a difference. Thus collect as strong evidence as you can to prove your point and convince the insurance claim agent.

Done agree to a recorded statement

Your insurance company can use the recorded statement against you so never record it even if you are asked for. Its a trap dont fell for it. For example, if you have not yet been to the doctor and record a statement that you aren’t hurt, then later begin feeling neck pain after your car accident and find out you have whiplash, the insurance company can use the fact that you said you weren’t injured against you.

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The “Final Offer” Isn’t Really the Final Offer

They will try to convince you by giving you a final offer dont fell for it and dont agree, remeber your aim is to get he actual compensation you deserve not what they wnat to give. This is a common tactic that does not mean if you say no, you won’t get a settlement. If the insurance company owes you money, it cannot “rescind” a settlement offer because you turn it down. Instead, your case will go to trial for a better offer. Call a Accident Lawyers Orange County if you need help.

Getting a Accident lawyers will be of great help as these people are experts in handling them and also they know what injuries are eligible for what compensation.

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