Glendale Personal Injury Lawyer

glendale personal injury lawyer

Glendale is a great city to live in, located in Los Angeles County near Pasadena and Burbank.

The population is just about 200,000.

Glendale is well known for helping with the emergence of aviation.

Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery is famous for being the final resting place for many celebrities.

Glendale has remained pretty steady over the years when it relates to population, crime rates, and car accidents.

The Law Offices of Daniel Kim are proud to represent the local Glendale residents when they are injured in an accident and need a lawyer.

We are here to help, so if you or a family member has been injured in a motor vehicle accident then please call us today for a FREE consultation.

Why Contact Law Office of Daniel Kim

Daniel Kim is a highly sought after Glendale personal injury attorney.

More importantly than being a great lawyer, Daniel is a man of great character and compassion, and he always puts the client first.

Over the years Daniel Kim and his legal team have helped many accident victims in Glendale that were injured due to no fault of their own.

With over 1000 stellar reviews on Google and Yelp it’s no wonder that people call Daniel Kim first when they need an injury lawyer.

More Facts About Daniel Kim

  • 99% client satisfaction rating
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Dealing With the Insurance Companies

Always remember that once you are injured and want to get compensated for your injuries, the insurance company is no longer your friend.

The insurance companies pay talented adjusters to find a way to deny claims, or at least minimize the damages down as close to zero as possible.

Do not fight the big corporate giants alone, instead call Daniel Kim and we will fight these guys for you.

We are very familiar with the games they play, and how they might try to blame you for being at fault, etc.

Call us today for a FREE consultation.

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Dangerous Intersections and Roads in Glendale

We did the research so we can share the data with our Glendale readers.

The most dangerous intersection was N. Brand Blvd. and Goode Ave.

In the last 5 years it had 143 accidents, with 93 injuries and no deaths.

Below is a list of other unsafe intersections –

  • Central Ave and Goode Ave – 85 accidents, 51 injuries, 0 deaths
  • Broadway Ave and Glendale Ave – 95 accidents, 46 injuries, 0 deaths
  • Colorado St and Pacific Ave – 106 accidents, 38 injuries, 0 deaths

Glendale City Info

city of Glendale

Glendale DMV

Glendale Police

Glendale School District

Types of Injury Cases We Can Help with

Our law firm specializes in motor vehicle accidents here in Glendale.

Car – the most common type of motor vehicle accident involves a car. We see so many car accidents that could have been avoided, but teenagers and other distracted drivers cause to many problems on the road.

Uber – Uber is very popular among those living in Glendale, and although taking an Uber is much safer than driving drunk accidents still happen daily with Uber drivers.

Motorcycle – when you ride a motorcycle you take the risks that come with it. Typically road rash and broken bones are the smallest injuries you’ll suffer, and many times the injuries are much more severe.

Pedestrian – anytime a car hits a person walking you can assume the pedestrian will suffer some pretty bad injuries.

Bike – bike riders are everywhere in Glendale and LA, but sadly many cars don’t drive safe around the. If you are injured in a bike crash here in Glendale then please all us for a FREE consultation.

Truck – you might not think of Glendale being a hub for semi-trucks, but with the 101 and 134 freeways nearby there are a lot of truck accidents in the area.

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Common Injuries We See From Car Accidents

It is sad to see so many people here in Glendale getting injured in a motor vehicle crash, but we are very proud to be able to help.

Some car accidents result in only minor injuries to the victims, but we see a large amount of severe injuries, even including death.

The injuries a person suffers will usually have a direct impact on what type of compensation the victim may receive.

We have helped clients that only suffered a broken hand and settled for $20,000 and we’ve helped those who had a brain injury and received over a Million $.

No matter your injuries, we are here to help.

Some of the common injuries –

  • Broken bones
  • Amputation
  • Facial cuts and lacerations
  • Neck and back
  • Concussion / TBI