Costa Mesa Car Accident Attorney

Costa Mesa Car accident lawyer

The roads in Costa Mesa are pretty busy on a daily basis, with traffic flowing all over the city

California is the most dangerous state when it comes to motor vehicle accidents and drivers being injured.

As such, car accidents are pretty common on a daily basis – with just over 2600 car accidents reported in Costa Mesa in 2017 alone.

Orange County is home to some very busy and dangerous freeways like the 405, 55, and the 57, and as the population grows it seems that car accidents continue to rise.

In this article below we have tried to cover many of the key points that you need to be aware of regarding car accidents and the legal process.

Hiring the best car accident attorney in Costa Mesa is very important if you have suffered injuries, missing work, etc.

Why Contact Daniel Kim Law Office

Daniel Kim and his staff have years of experience helping car accident victims in Costa Mesa and all over Orange County.

Being involved in a car accident can disrupt a person’s entire life.

Just imagine driving home on the 55 freeway and being hit while you are changing lanes, and next thing you know your car is being pushed into the center divider.

That quickly your whole life can change.

The Law Offices of Daniel Kim have over 1000 positive reviews on Facebook, Google and Yelp.

Daniel Kim is a very aggressive attorney when it comes to dealing with the insurance companies and he will fight for you all the way, Daniel won’t just settle for a quick payday.

Daniel and his team offer a Free consultation over the telephone so feel free to call us today for answers.

One thing to remember is that insurance companies will do all they can to deny a claim, or to pay as little money as possible, so it’s important to have a Costa Mesa car accident lawyer on your side.

Daniel is well respected in the community and treats all of his clients with the utmost respect.

Call us 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


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How Much is My Car Accident Settlement Worth

Our first priority is always taking care of our clients and making sure they receive the property medical care and physical therapy after an accident.

Of course we need to make sure that you get maximum compensation for your injuries (pain and suffering, mental anguish, etc.) so you can also recover financially.

Every little detail can ultimately affect your case (and potential payout), things like who is at fault, were you hit by an Uber driver or a Postmates delivery driver, etc.

A key thing to remember is that the insurance companies are not in business to give away money, and normally the insurance company will minimize your injuries or even reject a claim.

Also remember that some personal injury settlements might be taxable so you want to educate yourself about that possibility.

There is no easy formula to use to determine exactly what your accident case will be worth.

Sometimes these lawsuits can take 12 months or more to settle, and it’s a very stressful time

These are some of the main reasons why you need to hire a top experienced Costa Mesa car accident lawyer like Daniel Kim.

Daniel and his team will file an accident claim on your behalf for –

  • Property damages – all damages to your car and personal items
  • Wrongful death – loss of consortium, missed inheritance, funeral expenses
  • Lost wages – getting all past and future earnings you missed out on
  • Pain and suffering – stress, PTSD, anxiety, etc.


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What To Do After a Car Accident in Costa Mesa

Nobody ever expects to be involved in a car accident, especially a bad accident where you are seriously injured, but accidents do happen.

And in a city like Costa Mesa where the roads are crowded and drivers are stressed out, it’s important to know how to handle any situation.

Immediately after a car accident it’s hard to think quickly and focus, but you need to stay calm no matter what.

Below is a summary of what steps you should try to take immediately after being in a car accident.

  • Call the police – getting the police there to calm the scene and make a police report
  • Get drivers info – be sure to get the other drivers license and insurance information
  • Talk to witnesses – exchange contact info with any potential witnesses
  • Document info – time of day, location of the crash, what lane you were in, etc.
  • Take pictures – get cell phone video or pics of the cars, injuries, street signs,
  • Contact an attorney – you will need help so call Daniel Kim for Free consultation

Common Causes For Car Accidents

They are called accidents for a reason, because nobody purposely gets into a crash (no normal person at least).

But even accidents can be avoided to some degree by following the speed limits, obeying posted road signs, and not texting or emailing while driving.

Sadly many people nowadays driver around Costa Mesa with no drivers license and no insurance, but we can help.

Costa Mesa sees accidents occurring for the same reasons as any Big City and below is a list of the common causes for car accidents in OC.

Things to look out for –

  • Speeding (always a top cause)
  • Running red lights
  • Road rage
  • Ignoring stop signs (major cause of accidents on side streets)
  • Poor road conditions (some cities don’t have tax $ to repair roads)
  • Drowsy drivers (Lyft, Amazon delivery drivers working too much)
  • Car malfunctions
  • DUI
  • Distracted drivers (texting, doing makeup, emailing, etc.)
  • Inexperienced drivers (teenage drivers cause a lot of car accidents in Costa Mesa)


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Common Injuries From a Car Accident

Sometimes you might get lucky and not be injured after a car accident, but this is not the normal result.

With cars, trucks, and motorcycles flying down the roads and freeways in Costa Mesa, it’s no wonder that most car accidents involved some type of injury.

There are many, many factors that can determine what type of injuries a car accident victim might suffer.

What type of vehicles were involved, SUV vs. a motorcycle is a lot different than a Honda hitting a small Toyota.

Other factors matter also like speed, airbags working, wearing seatbelts, etc.

The most important thing to remember is that if you are involved in a car accident you want to seek medical attention to make sure you are OK.

When you wait to get medical care there is a good chance the insurance company (Metromile or Allstate, etc.) will hold that over your head later when you file an injury claim.

The reality is that the injuries you suffer does play a large role in what type of compensation you will be eligible for down the road.

There is no benefit to waiting to get medical care, and if you have questions call our Costa Mesa car accident attorneys today.

Below is a partial list of common injuries –


costa mesa

Car Accidents Statistics For Costa Mesa In 2017?

Fatality rates for car accidents in Costa Mesa are down from the year before in 2017, with just five people passing away as a result of car accidents during that year.

This puts Costa Mesa under the California state average of 5.7 people dying in car accidents annually, though it’s not that far off of that pace.

Injuries From Car Accidents In Costa Mesa In 2017?

Injuries are quite common in car accidents, with more than 4300 of the accidents occurring in Orange County involving at least one party reporting injuries caused by the accident itself.

Traffic collisions are quite violent and most people are recommended to visit medical services afterwards to make sure that there aren’t any underlying injuries.

Drivers Tested Positive For Drugs Or Alcohol In These Accidents?

Almost 32% of all fatal crashes in the state of California are later found to be the result of drivers testing positive for some type of drug in their system.

This number is climbing on an annual basis, but so is the amount of alcohol related fatalities in the state of California. This figure is up 36.8% statewide from the year 2011 till today.

Car Accidents Involved A Distracted Driver?

80% of California drivers report that they were involved in accidents because of driver inattention, distracted driving included.

Roughly 40% of drivers admit that they spend time on their cell phone while they are behind the wheel even though they know that this is illegal.

What Are The Most Dangerous Intersections In Costa Mesa For Car Accidents?

All of the Newport Boulevard intersections in Costa Mesa are quite dangerous, but so are the Broadway intersections, the Victoria Street and Valley Road intersections.

Also dangerous is the Harbor Boulevard and Adams Avenue intersection.

This is an intersection in Costa Mesa that sees well over 100,000 vehicles travel it in a single day.