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Irvine Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Like the rest of Orange County, the city of Irvine offers beautiful weather which tempts motorcycle riders to get out and ride!

Motorcycle crashes are usually much worse than a bike accident or electric scooter accident because those vehicles don’t go on the Irvine freeways.

One crazy stat from the NHTSA is that over 50% of fatal motorcycle crashes happen on the weekends from 3-9pm.

Riding a motorcycle can be a fun exhilarating experience, but it’s also a very dangerous way to get around Irvine.

Towards the bottom of this article we have included statistics on just how dangerous riding a motorcycle (Honda, Harley, Yamaha, etc.) can be.

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As we all know motorcycles accidents can be fatal or lead to very serious injuries.

When you get out of the hospital and you see medical bills piling up, the insurance adjusters calling you night and day, and you realize you don’t have a paycheck coming (due to missed work from your injuries) you suddenly realize you need professional help.

Without hiring an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer you will have a long frustrating battle ahead of you.

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How Much Is My Motorcycle Accident Settlement Worth

For many motorcycle riders in Orange County a common question is “how much money can I get from my motorcycle accident.”

Our clients that contact us always want to know how much money they can expect to win in a settlement and how long their personal injury case might take.

Making a personal injury claim without a lawyer is legal, but it’s not the smartest move. And remember that injury settlements could be taxable by the IRS.

Unfortunately each motorcycle crash is totally different and there is no fast way to just spit out a settlement number (with any accuracy).

We can say this though, the injuries you suffered from the Irvine crash will play a Huge role in your final settlement number.

Pain and suffering is always a tough area to put a $ amount on, but damages like medical bills and lost wages are easier to calculate.

Any injuries that will affect you for years to come will most certainly play a factor in your motorcycle accident settlement.

For example if you play in the NBA and you lost an arm in a motorcycle crash then you would be able to get added compensation since your NBA career and earning potential will be greatly altered.

Check out a list of things you can get compensated for –

  • Any drugs or medications you’ll need for pain
  • Physical therapy and medical care
  • Special vehicle to enable you to drive
  • Possible home remodel to help you adapt to losing an arm

What To Do After A Motorcycle Crash in Irvine

We can’t emphasize enough, the most important thing you need to do after any accident is to get proper medical care.

Even if you think “you are fine”, going to the doctor to get checked out is always the best idea.

There are steps you should take at the accident scene itself to protect yourself and help your lawsuit down the road.

If you are injured in Irvine try to follow these steps –

  • Get away from traffic and moving cars
  • Call the police so they can document and create police report
  • Talk to witnesses and exchange contact info
  • Get information from other driver
  • Take photos of your injuries, the accident, your motorcycle, etc.
  • Seek medical attention via ambulance or however
  • Call a motorcycle lawyer here in Irvine

causes of irvine motorcycle accidens

Common Causes For Irvine Motorcycle Accidents

As a motorcyclist, no matter how safe you drive, there is still a chance that another car will hit you (maybe without insurance) while driving on Irvine roads and freeways.

Below is a list of what we see causing so many motorcycle accidents-

Car doors – car owners when exiting their vehicle often open their doors without looking

Speeding – this is always a leading cause of accidents period and the faster you go the better chance you’ll get injured.

Lane splitting – Driving between two lanes of traffic. This is legal but pretty dangerous and when at high speeds can be disastrous.

Unsafe lane changes motorcyclists are hard to see, and when a person driving a car fails to check their blind spots or use a signal, motorcycle accidents can occur.

Inexperienced drivers – these drivers (many times teenagers) are very likely to compromise the safety of motorists and make for unsafe road conditions.

Dangerous road conditions – crumbling pavement, potholes, debris and lack of necessary signs can often create these unsafe conditions.

Driving under the influence – DUI and DWUI drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs can be extremely dangerous and these drivers can face both criminal and civil liability.

Sudden stops – the old rear-end accident happens because people don’t leave enough distance between themselves and the vehicle in front of them.

Distracted driving – nowadays with people driving and texting, looking at maps, talking on the phone, and even writing emails. This could even happen backing out of a driveway.

injuries from motorcycle crash in Irvine

Common Injuries From a Motorcycle Accident

It is a reality that riding a motorcycle is extremely dangerous and even if you wear a helmet, there are still plenty of horrible injuries that you need to worry about.

Motorcyclists are approximately 40 times more likely to die in an accident than those driving in a car.

Many injured motorcyclists will receive severe injuries which can potentially leave them suffering their whole lives.

It is important to follow the motorcycle laws of Irvine and be cautious and considerate drivers. Let’s keep our roads safe. 

If you do get hit by a car, these injuries below are probably what you’ll be dealing with –

Road rash – the skin is the largest organ on the human body. In a motorcycle accident the skin scrapes along the pavement, asphalt or other surface which leads to significant injury. Layers of the skin are torn away and rocks, glass etc. can enter in the wound leaving major damage to the motorcyclist.

Broken bones – the main problem for bikers is that they have no steel to protect themselves and end up with broken legs, ankles, and broken arms.

Foot Injuriesthese injuries can be very debilitating. Foot fractures include both the feet and toe bones and can be extremely painful when they occur. They can put a rider out of commission for a long time and sometimes permanently.

Head injury – this is of course the worst nightmare for any motorcyclist (or their family and friends) to deal with. Sadly, a head injury is the most common injury from a motorcycle crash and this includes a concussion or even brain damage.

Back and Spine – if the spinal cord is injured from the impact of a motorcycle crash, it can result in paralysis. This is a catastrophic injury that usually results in permanent disability for the biker.

irvine motorycle accident stats

Motorcycle Accidents Statistics In Irvine In 2017?

In the city of Irvine throughout 2017 there were just slightly over 1000 motorcycle related accidents that were reported to the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

Deaths From Motorcycle Accidents In Irvine In 2017?

While it’s obviously true that driving a motorcycle is considerably riskier than driving a car or truck, or SUV.

The good news is that no one passed away in Irvine during 2017 as a result of a motorcycle accident.

fatality motorcycle accident

Injuries From Motorcycle Accidents In Irvine In 2017?

Injuries were up from the year before in Irvine, but that’s to be expected when you’re talking about a motorcycle being involved in any kind of traffic accident or incident.

All told, just over 900 injuries were reported as a result of motorcycle related accidents on the roads of Irvine during 2017.

Drivers Tested Positive For Drugs Or Alcohol In These Accidents

For most people, the general idea of getting on a motorcycle after you have been drinking or using drugs seems completely crazy.

According to the state of California, however, 32% of all motorists that have been involved in an accident are found to have tested positive for drugs in their system.

On top of that, the amount of people found to have been consuming alcohol during these kinds of accidents is up 36.8% over the last eight years – and shows no signs of trending downward anytime soon.

Irvine Accidents Involved A Distracted Driver

Distracted drivers are a major problem when behind the wheel of any automobile, but when you’re talking about distracted and inattentive drivers that are on a motorcycle, things get even riskier.

80% of all motorists in California involved in an accident are found to have been distracted during or immediately leading up to the accident, with inattention one of the most common causes of these kinds of traffic incidents.

40% of motorists also report using their smart phones while they are driving, something that even motorcyclists are starting to do thanks to next-generation Bluetooth technology.

Dangerous Intersections For Motorcycles?

There are plenty of dangerous intersections throughout Orange County, but three of the most dangerous intersections in all of Orange County have to be

  • Cabrillo Park Drive and Fruit Street
  • Rio Vista Street and Lincoln Avenue
  • Culver Drive and Irvine Boulevard