Newport Beach Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

newport beach pedestrian accident lawyer

Newport Beach attracts millions of tourists each year and many of these people choose to walk around to enjoy the weather.

When you combine these tourists will all the locals that walk all over town, it adds up to create a situation where pedestrians are at risk (due to the sheer volume of people who walk in Newport Beach).

Surprisingly not all pedestrian accidents involve a car in a busy intersection.

Many pedestrians are struck by bicyclists, people driving an electric scooter, or just a person backing out of their driveway in Newport Beach.

It can be difficult to know how to choose a personal injury lawyer if you do need one, but if you do your research you’ll see that Daniel Kim is a top pedestrian accident lawyer here in Newport and OC.

Each pedestrian accident is very different as it depends on what insurance company the driver has (Metromile insurance handles accidents different than say State Farm), and if you are hit by an Uber driver then that will be different than being hit by a teenager who is on their parents insurance.

Why Contact Law Office of Daniel Kim

Whatever you do, if you have been injured as a pedestrian please contact us before you start giving statements to the insurance companies.

Daniel Kim and his legal team are well versed in pedestrian accidents here in Newport Beach and we will fight for you and your family.

Never just trust that the insurance companies are going to help and take care of you, etc.

When you hire Daniel Kim you don’t need to worry about paying any fees until we win your case, if we don’t win your case then you won’t be accountable to pay us any fees.

We can help all motor accident victims here in Newport Beach whether it was a crash with a car, Uber, motorcycle, truck or whatever.

You can contact our law firm 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for help.

We have over 1000 reviews (5 stars) on Yelp, Facebook and Google from past clients who spoke out about our services.

newport beach pedestrian accident settlement

How Much Is My Pedestrian Accident Settlement Worth

Unfortunately there is no short answer when it comes to predicting a settlement amount in a pedestrian injury case.

Some personal injury settlements can take a long time, but we will stand by you and even go to trial for you if need be.

There are far too many details that go into determining what your case will settle for, and until Daniel and his legal team have time to investigate your case and do the proper research we don’t just make up numbers to appease our clients.

The reality is that yes you can sue for being hit as a pedestrian and these things listed below will play a major factor in the final settlement.

  • Fault – who is at fault and to what degree
  • Recovery – are injuries permanent or did you heal quickly
  • Injuries – of course the severity of the injuries you sustained play a major role as broken bones or head injuries are much different
  • Missed work – if you have to miss work (or will miss work in the future) due to the accident then this will also play a role in the settlement.

At The Law Offices of Daniel Kim we always put our clients health and well being Number 1 to make sure you heal up and get your life back to normal.

And simultaneously we will fight tooth and nail with the insurance companies to make sure we get you maximum compensation so you can get back your financial security.

Common Types Of Pedestrian Accidents

Similar to Newport Beach accidents that involve bicyclists or cars, pedestrian accidents can happen a million different ways.

If you were injured in a pedestrian accident in Newport Beach then you want to take action immediately by calling us for help.

If you wait to contact a lawyer or get medical treatment, you are just hurting your situation.

Crosswalk accidents – very common for drivers to ignore (or not see) a crosswalk, yet hitting a pedestrian in a marked crosswalk can be a very serious offense with potential civil or criminal penalties.

Intersection accidents – vehicles turning at busy intersections can easily not see a pedestrian

Hit and run accident – this is always very sad, knowing a driver could hit somebody and just take off (and it’s illegal to do so)

Back over accident – typically occurs in a driveway or parking lot when a driver backs out of driveway and hits somebody

common injuries from pedestrian accident

Common Injuries From a Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrian accidents happen to take place every day on our roads across America.

Pedestrians can sometimes appear out of nowhere leaving the driver with a dangerous situation.

The driver of the vehicle can turn a corner quickly and a pedestrian could be right there.

A pedestrian is obviously in the most vulnerable position.

There are many factors that play into how bad a pedestrian will get hurt.

Things like how fast was the car going, type of vehicle, and of course the pedestrian’s age and health can play a role.

Most common injuries we see from pedestrian accidents:

  • Internal injuries – this includes internal bleeding, rib fractures, brain bleeds which are all very serious
  • Head injuries – this can be a concussion or something more life threatening
  • Pelvic injuries these are very common in pedestrian accidents
  • Bone Fractures – simple fractures to compound fractures of the legs, arms, ribs etc.
  • Infections – caused by wounds not healing properly
  • Spinal – this includes back and neck injuries, herniated disks etc.
  • Wrongful death – the worst case of all is when a pedestrian is killed from a car crash.


pedestrian right of way in california

California Pedestrian Laws and Right of Way

There is no way for us to control the way others drive or the way pedestrians walk across the street but there are rules that are there for the safety of all us at intersection crosswalks.

The best way for us to stay safe is to be careful and have an understanding of the rules concerning pedestrians.

But just because you are careful doesn’t mean accidents won’t happen and with uninsured drivers all over the road you need to know how to deal with insurance companies.

As a pedestrian, there are strict laws set forth by California that you need to be aware of.

The vehicle drivers also have rules in which to adhere by as well in Newport Beach.

These laws below must be observed by anybody driving a motor vehicle.

  • Do not stop in a sidewalk because this will always put a pedestrian in danger,
  • Allow sufficient time for the pedestrian to cross an intersection crosswalk.
  • If you ever approach a pedestrian crossing at a crosswalk or at a corner, you as a driver must always reduce speeds and exercise caution to ensure the pedestrians safety.
  • The only time you can drive on a sidewalk is when you are entering (or exiting) a garage or alleyway.
  • Pedestrians should never jaywalk or that pedestrian can be held liable.

There are certain rules that apply to blind pedestrians.

If the pedestrian is blind ‘do not’ honk your horn. This could confuse the blind person and cause uncertainty.

No stopping in the middle of a crosswalk. This would force a blind pedestrian to walk around the vehicle which could be dangerous.

If the blind pedestrian is to pull their cane inward and moves away from the curb then that means they aren’t looking to cross the street.

Newport Beach takes these laws very serious and drivers who fail to yield the right of way to pedestrians will face a minimum penalty of $220 if an injury occurs.

newport beach pedestrian accident stats

Newport Beach Pedestrian Accident Statistics

Newport Beach is one of the most popular cities in all of Orange County, as well as one of the most popular cities in the state of California, and it is home to a considerable amount of traffic on their highways and byways every year.

According to information released from the Department of Transportation in the State of California the accident rate in Newport Beach and the rest of Orange County is the second highest in the entire state – with more than 23,000 accidents occurring in 2017 alone.

Injuries From Pedestrian Accidents In Newport Beach

Injury rates in accidents that involve a motor vehicle and a pedestrian are obviously sky high, and in the Newport Beach community (as well as the rest of Orange County) 845 accidents involved pedestrians where at least one injury was reported.

Pedestrian Accident Involved Drugs Or Alcohol

Drinking and driving, as well as driving while under the influence of drugs, is a major problem in the state of California – particularly here in Newport Beach.

City initiatives are looking to stem the tide of this kind of behavior, but even in the face of action by local government and police organizations the amount of people driving while under the influence of alcohol continues to rise year after year.

This figure is up more than 23% over the last five years and shows no sign of reversing the trend anytime soon.

On top of that, 11% of accidents are found to have been caused by drivers that are operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs.

Pedestrian Accidents Involved A Distracted Driver

Distracted driving is prevalent throughout the state of California, with 80% of all accidents – including those here in Newport Beach – found to have been caused at least in part by some sort of distracted driving or driver inattention.

Making things worse is the fact that 75% of California motorists report that they use their smart phone while they are operating their vehicle even though they know it’s wrong.

Dangerous Intersections In Newport Beach

  • Balboa Boulevard and Coast Highway
  • Bristol Street and Campus Drive
  • Birch Street and Bristol Street

Are all some of the most dangerous intersections in all of Newport Beach today.

How Many People Vacation To Newport Beach

Every year Newport Beach brings millions and millions of tourists to the area, and in 2016 the region hit a record milestone by bringing more than 7.3 million people to the community.

This influx of visitors helped pour a considerable amount of money into the local economy but also clogging up already busy roads even more so.