Orange County Restaurants

The Top Orange Country Restaurants

Finding the ideal restaurants in Orange County during your vacation is surely an excellent idea. If you are preparing for a trip to Orange Country, then you need to determine the best places for certain kinds of food and drinks.
Orange County, California is located between San Diego and Los Angeles along the Pacific or in the southern parts of California. The county brags about ocean views, characterized by luxury resorts. Furthermore, you can anticipate for the ideal restaurants in Orange County.
It is the main tourist from all over the world. The hospitality and the facilities make visitors feel most comfortable. It also hosts multiple numbers of restaurants and if you are seeking a place in Orange Country that is extraordinary, you should walk around beach communities, such as Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, and Newport Beach. In these areas, you can get creative options for dining. Moreover, most of the restaurants in Orange Country are less costly. The food is well prepared and at the same time tasty. Regardless of whether it is the couple coming to dine together or just a family vacation, it is worth spending the time to eat in one of the Orange Country restaurants.
In the restaurants, you will find great variety of meals including both Asian and California dishes. Orange Country restaurants also have foot-way cafes. The local people are usually friendly and they make you feel comfortable and safe. There are also restaurants in Orange Country that concentrate so much on Mexican food. There, you can have traditional Mexican dishes that they are somehow less expensive.

Where To Eat in OC

Various restaurants situated in Orange County are the superb place to visit for dinner. The types of restaurants can be determined in the classification of food that they served in. There are Mexican restaurants, talian restaurants, Greek food restaurants, Indian restaurants, Chinese restaurants, and the most stylish ones are Californian and American restaurants.
There are also romantic restaurants for couples and family, outdoor dining or beachfront. Most of these restaurants usually concentrate more on the dress codes, theme dining, and other exceptional activities, hence making them more attractive to patrons. The location enhances popularity like the restaurants located on the beaches, cliffs or hill tops which attract far more visitors due to the mesmerizing sites and surrounding beauty.
Some of the most famous places to eat in Orange County are the following:

230 Forest

This bistro style restaurant is located in the Laguna Beach. It is regarded as California kind seafood restaurant. The average price of meals in 230 forests is approximately 28 dollars, and furthermore, it is apparently a hot romantic spot. The delicious cuisines served in this restaurant are Californian and American seafood.


Opah is a more stylish restaurant as compared to those that endorse beauty and elegance. It is very nice and clean place for dining. The typical meal cost around 26 dollars. The unique feature about this restaurant is that it can hold specialties like private rooms, parties, and bars and more.

Napa Rose

This is also another famous restaurant which is located in the Anaheim, Disneyland Resort, and predictably quite costly. It is well associated with its selectiveness in cuisines and dishes and considered as an elite restaurant in the Orange County. The cost of an average meal is not less than 30 dollars. The meals offered California-inspired cuisine.

Disney’s PCH Grill

This restaurant is situated in the Anaheim Disneyland. PCH Grill is not expensive thus affordable to all classes of visitors. The price of an average main course meal is about 17 dollars. The ambiance here is considered bright and entertaining while the cuisine presented are American, Asian and Californian.

Restaurant 162’

This restaurant is situated at the top of a cliff and much apparently offers super elegant scenes of the ocean. The Restaurant 162′ serves all types of food of the day including fresh fish and seafood. The restaurant also offers parties and live music.


Tangata is located in Santa Ana. This restaurant is more of an art area of having the meal. The cuisines served there are European, American, Californian Continental, and French. It also serves outdoor dining and hosts a brilliant atmosphere too. The cost of an average meal is around 20 dollars.

Basilic Restaurant

This restaurant is located on Balboa Island, which is a Swiss-French Cuisine restaurant. It can hold about 24 guests at once. The Basilic menu often keeps on changing. The dishes that are offered in the type of restaurant are seasonal and fresh. It is usually open from Tuesday to Friday. They are often closed on Mondays and Sundays too.

La Vie En Rose

This restaurant is more of French culture influence. The menu La Vie En Rose mainly comprises of veal tenderloin, rack of roasted lamb and filet mignon. Caviar, Lobster bisque is served in appetizers the form. The wine that is mostly served is California wines, with reds, whites, and champagne.

Sapphire Laguna

It is located towards the Pacific Ocean in Laguna Beach. Then seating order for visitors are both outdoors and also indoors. The wine menu list features wines from all over the world. You are served freshly caught fish and get to eat from local produce got from local farmers markets.
Many Orange County restaurants are also meant for children. This can be testified mostly around the stylish area called Disneyland Park. Your children will also get the opportunity to enjoy their breakfast with Disney characters. Hence, if you are planning a vacation to Orange country, you should consider the top restaurants.
If you want some ideal destination to visit on your vacation then go to the Orange County Restaurants, California. This is an amazing place, and you will acquire all information required form on the online websites. There are many online sites available that will give you complete information on California and best restaurant Orange County.