Bicycle Accidents

When you ride a bike, you’re affecting the world in all kinds of positive ways. You’re reducing fossil fuel consumption, reducing traffic congestion, saving money on gas, exercising, and increasing your happiness.

In other words, cyclists are forces for good. For this reason, it’s especially tragic that so many are seriously injured every year in collisions with cars, buses, trucks, and other vehicles.

Every cyclist knows that they have to be acutely aware of the rules of the road, because drivers routinely ignore them. And when an automobile and a bicycle collide, the rider of the bicycle is the one who gets hurt.

Cyclists who are injured by negligent drivers often lose out on fair compensation and suffer unnecessary long-term injury. The bicycle accident lawyers at The Law Offices of Daniel Kim fight to make sure our clients receive the medical attention they need and get the compensation they deserve.

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What to Do After You’ve Been Injured in a Bicycle Accident

The claims process starts as soon as an accident occurs. If you are well enough, it’s important to remember three key things:
  1. Never admit fault
  2. Always get a police report
  3. Take down the contact information of any witnesses

After you get home, you’ll need to take some more steps to protect yourself:

  • 1. See the Doctor

    Being struck while riding a bike can cause serious injuries like spinal damage, traumatic brain injury, and broken bones. Even if you don’t have obvious symptoms, you need to go to the hospital as soon as possible. Seeing the doctor will keep you alive and help strengthen your claim.
  • 2. Document the Damage

    Take detailed notes about your experience, your injuries, and your medical care. Keep all the receipts and correspondence from your interactions with doctors, insurance companies, and others. Take many photographs of your injuries and the damage to your bike.
  • 3. Stay Quiet

    An adjuster from the driver's insurance company will probably call you and ask for a statement. Get their name and phone number but do not speak about the accident or agree to sign any documents. These people are not your friend — they are searching for any way to reduce the compensation they’ll have to pay you.
  • 4. Call a Lawyer

    To insurance companies, unrepresented victims are easy targets. They’ll do anything they can to undercompensate you for your injuries. The bicycle accident attorneys at The Law Offices of Daniel Kim are specifically trained to deal with insurance companies and ensure you get as much compensation as possible for the suffering you’ve been through.


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