Information for Referring Attorneys

placeholder-imageThe Law Offices of Daniel Kim is pleased to accept personal injury case referrals from other attorneys.

We view referrals as a practical and beneficial way for attorneys to increase their chances of prevailing on behalf of their clients and, at the same time, earn a substantial fee. Our law firm pays referral fees on contingency cases in accordance with the rules of professional responsibility.

Our referral system allows the referring attorney to maintain ongoing involvement in their client’s case to the extent the referring attorney desires. In addition, we will advise you of the status of the case you referred on a regular basis.

If you have a client or referral who is experiencing a personal injury law issue, please contact our firm as soon as possible.


When the situation calls for it, we love to work with other attorneys by serving as co-counsel for personal injury cases. If you are an attorney who wishes to remain involved in a client’s case, while leveraging the expertise of a full-time personal injury lawyer, we can set up a fee-split and work the case together.

For more information, call The Law Offices of Daniel Kim at 1-800-410-4085.