5 Tips To Prevent Traffic Accidents

January 9, 2018

Whether you have been a victim of a traffic accident yourself or involved through a member of your family, everyone has an accident story. They happen every day on our highways and city streets, so whether you were involved in one, directly or not, here is a list of ways to prevent accidents from happening in the future.

1. Always Use Your Blinker to Change Lanes

How often have you seen someone try to change lanes and just cut people off unexpectedly without using their blinker? Likely it is pretty often and although no one ever wants another person in front of them it seems like drivers have quit using their blinker and just go for it. Don’t be one of those people. It is dangerous and catches everyone off guard. When a driver sees a clear opening in their lane in front of them, they often speed up and when another driver in the next lane over also sees that opening and cuts them off – that is the definition of an accident waiting to happen.

2. Look Twice To Save A Life

There should be a question on the Department of Motor Vehicles Driving Test stating, “how many times should you look over your shoulder before changing lanes while driving?” The answer is one but it should be two, the reason why is because a motorcycle or fast car can be exactly in your blind spot when you first look. There have been countless accidents that could have been prevented if only someone looked over their shoulder twice and not just once, especially at night. The next time you get in your car, now you know exactly how many times to look to save your life and those of others.

3. Use a Space Cushion

Keeping a safe following distance at all times especially on the freeway is key to having a “space cushion.” This means not tailgating the driver in front of you and getting a handle on road rage even in 5 o’clock traffic on one of the busiest freeways in the U.S. called the 405 (also known in reference to another three-number sequence that is not positive, to say the least). Let’s try to diminish the negative connotations and do whatever it takes to drive safely even at the worst and most dangerous times of the day.

4. Stay In The Carpool Lane

Getting out of the Carpool lane illegally is considered to be a minor offense, however, it is more dangerous than it looks. Aside from being a $400 + traffic ticket, it is illegal for a reason, and that for one is due to motorcycle safety. It happened on tape from a spectator, she watched a motorcyclist do the right thing – trying to ride nearby the carpool lane to legally get into it. The motorcyclist was hit from the side and knocked off his bike on the freeway by a driver who was illegally getting out of the carpool lane. The driver in the carpool lane clearly was not paying attention and the motorcyclist was likely in his blind spot (if they looked over their shoulder at all).

Watching the cyclist fly off his bike right next to her car and actually land on his feet stumbling backward in the middle of the 405 Freeway felt like watching a stunt out of a movie. His bike was now flat laying sideways flat and amazingly cars stopped for him as he landed less than 20 yards back from where his bike landed. Could he have been easily been killed, the answer is yes, however the accident was clearly not his fault. Luckily no bodily injury took place, however, if the driver in the carpool lane would have obeyed the law and stayed in the carpool lane – the entire thing could have been prevented.

5. Look Twice Before Turning Right on a Red Light

When making a right turn at a red light, you’d be surprised at the pedestrians speeding down the sidewalk or street on their bike or skateboard trying to make it across the street at the last second. This could easily happen when you are turning right at a red light. This is more common in busy residential areas, primarily the beach cities of California, however, it could easily happen in any city or rural area. According to Costa Mesa car accident lawyers, it is a more common case than you may think that bikers or teenagers are hit by cars who don’t look twice to save a life and just go for it without really stopping to turn right on a red light.

All in all, these five tips will help you drive a little more safely compared to others who are not aware of them. So please do us all a favor – share with friends and pass it on!