How to Choose The Right Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

February 21, 2018

Southern California’s warm climate and a wide variety of scenic roads make it a popular place for motorcyclists.

Unfortunately, it’s also one of the country’s top locations for motorcycle accidents. Every year, a total of one-tenth of all motorcycle deaths occur in California, with the majority of fatal accidents occurring during the warm, sunny summer months.

While rates of fatal accidents are falling, motorcycle accidents remain a major problem. They’re a particularly large problem for the people involved, many of whom are motorcyclists affected by unobservant or distracted drivers.

Even in non-fatal accidents, injuries are commonplace. As such, it’s important to seek the legal assistance of a motorcycle accident lawyer in the event that you’re involved in an accident while riding your motorcycle.

Our Costa Mesa motorcycle accident lawyer’s office has assisted thousands of local motorists, including many motorcyclists. As such, we have a thorough understanding of the intricacies of motorcycle accident cases, from vehicular damage to personal injuries.

As the victim of an accident, one of the most important decisions you can make in the wake of the accident is choosing the right lawyer. Below, we’ve provided three tips to help you choose a lawyer that can help you seek a fair settlement or compensation after a motorcycle accident.

Choose a lawyer that specializes in motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle accidents are often quite different from car or truck accidents. Often, other motorists fail to notice motorcyclists on the road, resulting in sudden lane changes or turns that — from the perspective of the other motorist — may not appear to be illegal or dangerous.

As a result, it’s far from uncommon for drivers to dispute responsibility in the event of a crash with a motorcyclist.

Accident lawyers that specialize in cases involving motorcyclists understand this, as well as the other intricacies of motorcycle accident cases. As such, they can provide more thorough, better representation as you seek a settlement or pursue action in court.

In law, it’s almost always best to choose a specialist over a generalist. Seek out an attorney that specializes in motorcycle-related cases and you’ll maximize your chances of receiving the legal treatment to which you’re entitled.

Take action quickly to ensure you receive a fair legal result

It can be tempting to take your time in seeking legal advice after an accident, especially if the other motorist is compliant, friendly and seemed interested in helping you.

However, when someone else is responsible for your accident, their attitude and approach can quickly change as time goes on. This makes it important to retain a qualified, capable attorney as soon as possible after your accident.

Speaking to a motorcycle accident attorney in Costa Mesa (or your own location, if you live in a different part of Southern California) as soon as possible means you’ll have a record of any and all injuries you sustained as a result of the accident, as diagnosed by an expert doctor.

This can be extremely valuable when pursuing compensation or a settlement from the person responsible for the accident (or, more commonly, their insurance provider). A good motorcycle attorney will also help you pursue a thorough damage assessment for your motorcycle.

In short, acting quickly not only maximizes your chances of success in seeking a settlement or compensation — it also makes it easier to accurately assess the extent of your injuries and the cost of repairing or replacing your motorcycle.

Find an attorney that offers a free, no-cost consultation

The best motorcycle accident attorneys will typically offer a free consultation, allowing you to get legal advice and assistance without paying an expensive hourly fee.

This makes the process of learning more about your legal options much more affordable. In the event that you have a viable case, many accident attorneys will also offer a contingent-fee type arrangement, in which they’re paid out of the total sum recovered in a settlement.

With a contingent-fee arrangement, you won’t need to pay anything in order to take legal action against the person responsible for your injuries. As your attorney is compensated out of the total verdict or settlement, they’re also highly motivated to fight aggressively for your success.

Were you involved in an accident? Seek free legal advice now

We specialize in helping motorcyclists seek justice after being involved in accidents. Over the years, our law office has helped an extensive, diverse range of California motorcyclists receive fair and complete financial compensation in the wake of unfortunate road accidents.

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