How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You After an Accident

March 27, 2018

Accidents can happen at any time and in any place, from the local shopping mall’s parking lot to regional highways. When they do happen, it can be a traumatic experience, with consequences that range from vehicular damage to serious, often permanent, personal injuries.

Unfortunately, serious accidents are becoming more common on US roads, with an increasing number of drivers dying in automotive crashes. Even in non-fatal crashes, major injuries are an alarmingly common occurrence.

In the event that you’re injured in an automotive or pedestrian accident, it’s important that you talk to a Costa Mesa personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

With 10 locations throughout Southern California, including the Costa Mesa area, we’ve helped a diverse range of clients seek insurance claims, settlements and compensation after sustaining injuries in automotive and pedestrian accidents.

In doing so, we’ve not only produced real results — we’ve also seen how important a qualified and experienced personal injury attorney is for someone injured in an accident that lacks the hands-on legal know-how to deal with an insurance company.

Below, we’ve listed several ways that the right personal injury attorney can help you after an accident. From defending your rights to ensuring you receive maximum compensation, all of these benefits underscore the value of choosing the right legal representation after an injury.

An attorney can help you recover damages

In most automotive accidents, victims can recover two separate types of damages — economic damages and non-economic damages.

Economic damages are damages that victims receive to pay for expenses that stem from the accident. For example, economic damages might be intended to pay for things like the bill for being transported to a hospital in an ambulance or receiving medical care.

They can also include direct economic costs from the accident, such as lost income as a result of injuries.

Non-economic damages can also sometimes be awarded to victims of automotive or pedestrian accidents. These damages cover things such as physical or emotional pain caused by an injury, as well as non-tangible effects on your quality of life and wellbeing.

Calculating and quantifying these damages as a non-lawyer is very difficult, which is why many people that file insurance claims without the help of an attorney end up receiving less than they should in the form of compensation.

An attorney can accurately and comprehensively quantify the damage an accident has caused to your life, helping you receive a fair settlement from the party responsible for the accident or their insurance provider.

An attorney can act as your personal advocate

Even if the person responsible for your injuries is completely, undeniably at fault, it can still be a challenge to receive a fair level of compensation when you go up against an insurance company (and their powerful team of lawyers) on your own.

Often, insurance providers offer relatively low settlements to people that file claims without the assistance of an attorney, knowing that they’re less capable of navigating the complex process of filing, negotiating and receiving compensation for injuries.

In other cases, an insurance company might dispute the policyholder’s liability for the accident and its resulting injuries entirely — something that’s often difficult to fight back against without a thorough understanding of the law.

A personal injury attorney can act as your personal advocate — an equalizer in the process of helping you receive the compensation to which you’re entitled. Instead of going up against an insurance provider on your own, you have a powerful, knowledgeable advocate on your side.

Many attorneys will help you on a contingency fee basis

The vast majority of reputable personal injury attorneys will offer you a free consultation to learn more about your legal options. We offer this to our clients through our free case evaluation form, which you can use to directly contact our team.

During this consultation, a personal injury lawyer can inform you about whether or not you have a valid claim.

In the event that you have a valid claim, you’ll often be able to take legal action without having to pay costly hourly fees. For example, we offer a contingent-fee arrangement for clients, meaning that you don’t have to pay fees unless your claim is successfully recovered.

This has two benefits. The first is that your personal risk is massively lowered when going ahead with a legal claim. The second is that you have a greater level of assurance that your attorney is aggressively working to ensure you receive fair and complete compensation.

Have you been injured in an auto or pedestrian accident?

Dealing with the aftermath of an accident can be a difficult experience, and it’s understandable if legal action is the last thing on your mind. However, it’s important that you act quickly after a car, truck, motorcycle or pedestrian accident to ensure your legal rights are 100% defended.

Working with a personal injury attorney gives you a qualified, capable partner in the process of receiving compensation for your injuries. From preparing your claim to negotiating a settlement, they’re with you for every step in the process of recovering from an accident.

If you’ve been involved in an accident in Costa Mesa or elsewhere in Southern California, we’re here to help. As specialists in personal injury law, you can contact our team using our free case evaluation form, or by calling our office directly on 1-800-560-2139.