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Santa Ana has over 330,000 people that call it home, and many of these residents walk around the city.

As the population grows in Santa Ana, it’s inevitable that the number of pedestrian accidents will increase also.

Santa Ana has sunny weather pretty much all year long, and as we know nice weather encourages people to get outside and walk or ride bikes, etc.

There is no way to 100% avoid pedestrian accidents, but there are things you can do as a pedestrian to limit the chances – you can wear bright clothing, don’t jaywalk, and be aware while you walk.

If you have been hit by an uninsured motorist, or a teenage driver, or if you were injured by an Uber driver, we are here to help.

Don’t wait to get medical treatment, and don’t wait to call us.

The longer you wait to get help, the harder it will be for you going forward.

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injuries from santa ana pedestrian crash

Common Injuries From a Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrian accidents in Santa Ana happens more often than we would like to think and if you are hit by a moving vehicle there is a good chance that you will suffer some type of injury.

Although automobile drivers are responsible for the control of their vehicles at all times, quite often the pedestrian can take certain precautions to avoid these dangerous situations.

There are many things to factor when it comes to the seriousness of the injuries a pedestrian will sustain.

Things like how fast was the car going, type of vehicle, and of course the pedestrian’s age and health can play a role.

When weather is nice and warmer there are likely more people walking around the streets of Santa Ana, resulting in more pedestrian accidents.

Most common injuries we see from pedestrian accidents:

  • Lacerations, cuts and scrapes – healing from these types of injuries can be painful and leave scarring depending on the severity.
  • Brain injuries – concussions and swelling of the brain can lead to traumatic brain injury.
  • Hips and pelvic injuries – these are very common in pedestrian accidents
  • Fractures and broken bones – legs, ankles, arms and wrists are the most common bones at risk when a vehicle hits a pedestrian.
  • Spinal cord injuries – these injuries can be traumatic and lead to victims being paralyzed in some instances.
  • Death Catastrophic injuries can lead to a pedestrian’s death.

california pedestrian laws

California Pedestrian Laws and Right of Way

Pedestrian accident lawyers in Santa Ana see the disastrous injuries and deaths that occur when drivers are careless or distracted and fail to recognize a pedestrian crossing the road.

Pedestrians too many times find themselves hit by drivers failing to lookout for them.

Even if you are careful as a pedestrian, there are still strict laws set forth by California that you need to be aware of.

Keep in mind that people who operate a motor vehicle have certain laws they need to follow also.

These laws below must be observed by anybody driving a motor vehicle.

  • Pedestrians generally have the right away at all intersections in Santa Ana. This means that cars or other type vehicles must stop for pedestrians and allow them the proper time to cross the street.
  • Drivers also have a duty to look out for pedestrians on the city streets. Drivers must be on the lookout for the safety of pedestrians. This is especially important in places of high foot traffic.
  • Jaywalking is illegal. If a car gets into a wreck while trying to avoid a jaywalker, then that pedestrian can be held liable.
  • The only time you can drive on a sidewalk is when you are entering (or exiting) a garage or alleyway.
  • Pedestrians should never assume that the driver will yield and both the driver and pedestrian must use a certain level of common sense for the safety of everyone.

There are certain rules that apply to blind pedestrians.

Yield to any blind pedestrian who extends their cane to show they want to enter the crosswalk.

Do not give verbal instructions or sound your horn to blind pedestrians, as it may alarm them and cause confusion.

Santa Ana takes these laws very serious and drivers who fail to yield the right of way to pedestrians will face a stiff penalty especially if an injury occurs.

Santa Ana Pedestrian Accident Stats

California considers Santa Ana to be the most dangerous large city for children walking or bicycling, particularly around some of the most dangerous intersections we highlight below.

More than 40 pedestrian accidents were reported in Santa Ana during 2017.

Deaths From Pedestrian Accidents In Santa Ana In 2017

Whenever you are talking about pedestrians being involved in motor vehicle accidents the potential for fatalities is quite high.

In 2017, 24 fatal accidents were reported for Santa Ana – and 12 of those fatalities were pedestrians.

Injuries From Pedestrian Accidents In Santa Ana In 2017

Pedestrian accident rates in Santa Ana were sky-high in 2017, with 97% of all motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians having at least one injury reported as a direct result of these collisions.

What % Of Pedestrian Accidents Involve A Drunk Driver

While the state of California has taken a number of steps aimed at trying to curtail the amount of people driving while under the influence, the cold hard truth of the matter is that it remains a major problem – and continues to get worse year after year.

According to the California State Department of Transportation, 11% of all accidents are caused by motorists operating a vehicle while under the influence of some type of drug.

At the same time, DUI arrest rates are up over 30% over the last five years – and are trending upward as well.

How Many People Live In Santa Ana

As of the last census conducted, Santa Ana was home to 334,136 people.

While other towns and cities in Orange County have begun to see tapering off when it comes to population growth, Santa Ana continues to grow larger and more populated each and every year.

This rate isn’t quite as rapid as it was in the past, but they are still enjoying a slight upward tick in population.

Bad Intersections In Santa Ana For Pedestrian Accidents

Santa Ana, like most major cities around the United States, has their fair share of particularly dangerous intersections that motorists and pedestrians are going to want to be on the lookout for.

The most dangerous intersections in Santa Ana, however, are certainly considered to be the intersections of 17th St. and Fairview St., Bristol Street and McFadden Avenue, and Civic Center Dr. and Lacey Street.

If you are able to, it’s a good idea to steer clear of these intersections as they have the highest rates of accidents, injuries, and fatalities.