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santa ana car accident attorney

Orange County can be a dangerous place for drivers because of its huge population. Santa Ana is home to over 332,000 residents, many of whom drive. The more vehicles on the road, the more likely an accident is to occur. Car accidents occur in Santa Ana every day leaving innocent victims injured. Being in an accident can seriously alter one’s life. Victims deserve to be given the chance to fully recover mentally, physically, and financially. The process of recovering from an accident varies depending on the severity of the accident. Santa Ana car accident lawyer Daniel Kim makes sure negligent drivers are held accountable for the injuries they cause the victims.

Continue reading to find more information that can further educate residents about the dangers of driving in Santa Ana and what to expect if you are injured in an accident.

Santa Ana car accident lawyer

Why Contact Santa Ana Car Accident Lawyer Daniel Kim?

Santa Ana car accident lawyer Daniel Kim has years of experience winning compensation for car accident victims. Daniel Kim and his legal team are very knowledgeable in the field of motor vehicle accidents that occur in Santa Ana.

Santa Ana car accident lawyer Daniel Kim will fight for his clients to make sure they get proper medical treatment and receive the compensation they deserve. If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, you may need a Santa Ana car accident attorney to file a lawsuit to ensure compensation is given for personal injuries or damages. 

Santa Ana car accident lawyer Daniel Kim has maintained a 99% success rate and has exceeded over $200 Million in settlements for our clients.

Daniel Kim is an expert negotiator skilled in handling insurance companies to ensure maximum compensation is rewarded for his clients. The Law Offices of Daniel Kim has over 1000 positive reviews from clients on Yelp, Google, and Facebook.

If you are a victim of a motor vehicle accident, contact Santa Ana car accident attorney Daniel Kim today for a free consultation regarding your claim. 

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Santa Ana car accident lawyer

Stats on Dangers of Drunk Driving

Sadly, thousands of people drive while under the influence in California every day. Santa Ana sees its own share of car accidents that are caused by drunk driving.

MADD has reported that over 10 million people have been known to drive under the influence of alcohol, and over 10,000 wrongful deaths were blamed on DUI.

If you have been hit by a drunk driver in Orange County, contact Santa Ana car accident lawyer Daniel Kim.

Tips To Avoid Car Accidents

Don’t drive distracted

Many people send texts and emails while operating a motor vehicle which is very dangerous. Be aware of any distractions when driving for your safety and well being.

Drive the speed limit

Speed is still the main factor in many accidents in Santa Ana and Orange County. Going 10mph over the speed limit can greatly affect the chances of an accident and the potential damages that lie ahead.

Be a courteous driver

Drivers in Santa Ana might cut you off, honk at you, or even yell at you, but you have a choice to stay calm and not get caught up in “road rage”. Don’t cause an accident because your ego got in the way.

Santa Ana car accident lawyer

Common Causes For Car Accidents In Santa Ana

Millions of car accidents occur every year in the U.S. Crashes vary in severity but oftentimes leave victims seriously injured. There are many reasons why car accidents occur, but there are a few that occur more frequently. Many accidents are simply caused by human error that could be avoided. The following list states the top reasons why accidents happen in Santa Ana and what you can do to prevent them.

Common causes for car accidents in Santa Ana –

  1. Speeding: Speeding endangers many drivers on the road. According to NHTSA, in 2018, 9,378 people were killed as a result of speeding. Speed limits are put in place for the safety of all drivers. It is important to be cautious of your speed and to pay attention to signs labeling the speed limit for any particular road or highway. 
  2. Distracted Driving: Distracted driving typically includes texting, emailing, or simply not paying attention. Answering a text while operating a vehicle is illegal and puts all drivers at risk. Texting and driving can have serious consequences. According to the FCC, more than 2,800 people were killed as a result of distracted driving in 2018. If you must check your phone, pull over to the side of the road where it is safe, and do so. 
  3. Running a red light/stop sign: There are times when a driver is in a rush and doesn’t think running a stop sign or red light will be a big deal. Although another vehicle may not be in sight, it does not mean one is not coming. In 2018, 846 people were killed and 139,000 were injured as a result of someone running a red light. 
  4. Drowsy Driving: Operating a vehicle when sleep-deprived can be very dangerous. Over 800 fatalities occurred as a result of drowsy driving. Driving drowsy decreases your reaction time which affects how quickly you are able to react. If you feel too tired to drive, rest until you are fully coherent.
  5. Driving under the influence: Driving under the influence is a leading cause of car accidents in Santa Ana. Driving under the influence is illegal. A DUI involves a person operating a vehicle with a BAC level of 0.08% or higher. Drunk driving accidents occur frequently in California. If you are under the influence, do not operate a vehicle. Rideshare options are available such as Uber, Lyft, and even Taxis.
  6. Weather conditions: Santa Ana typically has good weather, but there are occasional months where it rains consistently. Rain is another leading factor for car accidents in Santa Ana. Rain causes tires to lose traction, which leads to hydroplaning. These types of accidents are hard to avoid. Be extra cautious if you have to drive during a rainstorm.

After being involved in an accident, it is important to take the proper steps. Call 911 and wait for an officer to arrive on the scene for a statement. Document the accident scene, take photos, and write down what happened. Exchange insurance and contact information with the other driver. Speak to any witnesses and get their contact information as well. Once the police arrive, get a police report. This is crucial for a strong lawsuit.

If you are injured, see a doctor immediately. Having medical records will assist in the legal process to ensure you get maximum compensation. Then, call a Santa Ana car accident lawyer to discuss your case.

santa ana car accident lawyer

Common Injuries From a Car Accident

Car accidents in Santa Ana can have detrimental effects on people who become injured. The physical, emotional, and mental stress caused by an accident can be catastrophic or even fatal for those with severe injuries. Financial stress placed on victims can also be very traumatic.

There are a number of different injuries one could sustain after being in an accident. The severity of an injury usually depends on the accident and the related factors like size and speed of the vehicles involved, seatbelt usage, and the type of collision. 

Airbags can not be relied on to avoid being injured. Even a seatbelt does not guarantee your safety in the event of an accident. If you are an injured victim of a motor vehicle accident, call Santa Ana car accident attorney Daniel Kim today to get help. Listed below are some common injuries we see every day from car accidents: 

  1. Broken Bones: Broken bones can include legs, ankles, arms, and ribs. Broken bones are the most common injuries sustained in a car accident.
  2. Brain Injuries: Sudden, forceful impacts can cause traumatic brain injuries in a car accident. Signs of a brain injury do not always appear right away. If you hit your head in an accident, see a doctor immediately. 
  3. Neck Injuries: Sudden jolts or jerking in an accident, often resulting in neck injuries. The whiplash causes the neck to thrust forward causing damage. Always inform your doctor of any neck pain after an accident.
  4. Lacerations: Accidents often cause windows or windshields to shatter on impact. Flying glass can easily cause lacerations to a person’s body. Lacerations range from mild to severe and sometimes require surgery.
  5. Amputation: If a collision is severe enough, the impact of the crash could damage limbs and cause them to detach. 
  6. Internal Injuries: Internal injuries occur when internal organs get crushed as a result of a broken bone or from impact. Internal injuries are hidden but can be fatal if not treated

If you have been injured in a car accident, seek medical attention immediately. By visiting a doctor right away, you have better chances of a quicker recovery. Medical records can also be used during a settlement process to show that injuries were sustained as a result. Failing to see a doctor may result in the insurance company claiming that you were not injured. Call Santa Ana car accident lawyer Daniel Kim to ensure you take the proper steps after an accident.

Santa Ana car accident lawyer

Santa Ana Car Accidents

Santa Ana, among many other nearby cities, see their fair share of car accidents. Like any other major city in the United States, car accidents are part of living in, working in, or commuting through Santa Ana.

In 2017, Santa Ana saw more than 100 car accidents per 1000 people – making it one of the more dangerous cities for drivers in all of California.

If you have been injured in an accident in Santa Ana, call Santa Ana car accident lawyer Daniel Kim today for help.

Injuries And Deaths From Car Accidents In Santa Ana

Injury rates stemming from car accidents in Santa Ana were quite high. As a result, more than 80% of all accidents had at least one injury reported.

During 2017, there were also 24 reported fatalities stemming from car accidents that occurred in Santa Ana.

What Percent Of These Accident Involved Drugs Or Alcohol?

Government representatives recognize that there’s a huge problem with motorists driving under the influence on California roads and highways.

A number of initiatives have been put in place to curb and curtail this kind of behavior. As of right now, none of them have been able to reverse the upward trend of these reoccurring situations.

The California State DOT reports that 11% of all motor vehicle accidents on California roadways involved drivers under the influence of drugs.

Also, on top of that, DUI charges are up more than 30% over the last five years.

If you have been injured as a result of a drunk driving accident, contact a Santa Ana car accident lawyer to get help today.

What Is The Population In Santa Ana?

The city of Santa Ana is home to roughly 330,000 people.

Santa Ana is one of the popular places to reside in Orange County. Santa Ana is the second most populated county. It is currently ranked as the 58th most-populated city in the U.S.

Therefore, the population in Santa Ana grows year after year due to great weather, wonderful schools, and close proximity to all the great hotspots Southern California has to offer.

Bad Intersections In Santa Ana For Car Accidents

Santa Ana has its fair share of dangerous intersections. Motorists often try to avoid the intersections known for accidents.

Of all the dangerous intersections in Santa Ana, a handful are considered to be more dangerous than others.

The most dangerous intersections in Santa Ana include 17th St. and Fairview St., Bristol Street & McFadden Avenue, and Civic Center Dr. and Lacey Street.

If you have been a victim of a motor vehicle accident at one of these locations, contact Santa Ana car accident lawyer Daniel Kim today.

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