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Nowadays most people in Santa Ana have taken an Uber at least one time, and most people have used Uber or Lyft many times to get around town.

Uber is a great option when you have been drinking, or if you don’t want to pay to park somewhere, then Uber is the ultimate solution.

Unfortunately, Uber drivers get into accidents just like the rest of us and sometimes it is actually the Uber employee who is at fault.

There are so many delivery services around now like Postmates and Door Dash, etc., and more of these cars on the road means more accidents.

If you were involved in an Uber accident (if you were an Uber passenger, Uber driver, or if you were hit by an Uber driver) and you suffered injuries then you need to contact Daniel Kim today for immediate help.

Why Contact Law Offices of Daniel Kim

Daniel Kim is an experienced Uber accident lawyer here in Orange County.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an Uber accident then you need to protect your legal rights and contact us today.

Once you start dealing with insurance adjusters, errors on police reports, and a pile of medical bills, you’ll quickly realize you need help.

Do Not fight the insurance companies alone.

Daniel Kim will fight for you and –

  • We know Uber and rideshare laws very well
  • Daniel Kim has over 1000 positive reviews on Yelp and Google
  • We negotiate aggressively with the insurance companies
  • We help you get the best medical care
  • You can contact us 24 hours a day.

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How Much Is My Uber Accident Settlement Worth

If you have been hurt in an Uber accident then you know how stressful it can become when you start dealing with medical bills and insurance companies.

Each car accident is different with a unique location, time, injuries, who is to blame, etc., and each Uber accident is also unique.

There is no fast way to just magically determine what your Uber accident settlement will be worth.

Each personal injury case takes a different amount of time to settle, and some injury settlements might be taxable, yes that is important.

Even if you suffered serious injuries and go to the hospital, don’t expect the insurance company to just send you a big check.

Daniel Kim and his legal team are very experienced at dealing with insurance companies and negotiating with them to get our clients maximum compensation.

Listed below are things that affect a settlement –

  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Medical costs
  • Pain and suffering
  • Wrongful death

pay no fees unless we win your case

Pay No Fees Unless We Win Your Case

You can feel safe when you contact us for a FREE consultation to discuss your Uber accident in Santa Ana.

Our law firm works on a contingency basis meaning that you won’t pay us any money unless we win your case.

Some law firms will ask their injured clients to pay fees in advance, but at The Law Offices of Daniel Kim we will never ask you to pay us any money up-front.

Our policy is in writing in our attorney-client agreement so you know ahead of time how we work and what the fee schedule looks like.

report an accident to Uber

Should I Report an Accident to Uber

If you have been injured in an Uber accident then yes you will want to report the accident.

If you work for Uber Eats or just normal Uber and you were involved in a car accident then you definitely want to report the crash.

Ideally you’ll speak with Daniel Kim first so we can help guide you on the process that lies ahead.

You have to remember that insurance companies are not in the business of paying out money, rather they are in the business of collecting monthly dues from their customers.

So do yourself a favor and get legal help before you decide to take on Uber.

Common Causes For Uber Accidents

There is no one reason why Uber and other rideshare accidents happen, but there are similar things that tend to occur over and over again on our roads and freeways of Santa Ana.

As Uber and Lyft have become more common as a means of transportation, the amount of accidents involving them has also increased.

Even Uber drivers get into accidents, and if you are a passenger in an Uber or if you’re an Uber driver yourself, there is a chance of getting hurt in a car accident.

You will need a Santa Ana Uber accident lawyer like Daniel Kim to help, call us today.

This is a list of what causes many Uber crashes in Santa Ana –

  • Speeding (always a major cause of car crashes)
  • Running stop sign (impatient behavior can lead to accidents)
  • Rushing to new fares (aggressive tactics of drivers, a common problem)
  • Distracted drivers (relying on the phone app is a common danger)
  • Road conditions (cracks, potholes and unsafe roads)
  • Tired drivers (working too many hours for Uber)
  • Faulty mechanics (like brakes, engine, lights etc.)
  • Driving under the influence (drugs, pills, alcohol)
  • Weather conditions (rain and fog are most likely in Santa Ana)

medical treatment for santa ana uber crash

Common Injuries From an Uber Accident

Every Uber accident in Santa Ana is unique, and if you are fortunate your injuries will be minor. 

Uber accidents can result in external or internal injuries to all parts of the body. 

Some injuries will take days to heal, while others can take months, years, or even result in everlasting disability.

It is important that you always seek medical attention immediately after any accident.

The severity of your injuries will play a key role in your settlement, so call our offices today for a Free consultation.

Injuries we see every day from Uber accidents in Santa Ana:

  • Cuts and lacerations (broken glass, airbags, etc. can be minor, severe)
  • Broken bones (wrists, arms, ankles and legs are vulnerable in accidents)
  • TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury, concussion, from a blow to the head)
  • Back injury (impact of accident can lead to spinal injuries)
  • Burns (engine can sometimes cause a fire and possible explosions)
  • Neck injury (torn ligaments and tendons from quick jolt, whiplash)
  • Amputation (major accidents can cause the loss of a limb)
  • Death (the worst-case scenario, tragic)

what to do after uber crash

What To Do After an Uber Accident

When involved in an Uber accident the most important thing to do is stay calm.

If you stay calm then you can follow certain steps to ensure your safety and protect your legal rights.

This is just a brief list of what to do immediately after being involved with an Uber car accident –

  • Call 911 (emergency, important in creating a police report)
  • Get information (driver and potential witnesses’ insurance, license, phone etc.)
  • Use your phone (take photos and video of the scene, injuries)
  • Go to hospital (get checked out, don’t ignore any minor pain)
  • Contact Daniel Kim Law Offices for Free consultation

santa ana uber accident stats

Santa Ana Uber Accident Stats

According to the US Department of Transportation, anywhere between 2% and 3% of all automobile accidents in the United States are caused or involve ridesharing services like Uber.

In Santa Ana during 2017 more than 300 automobile accidents were reported, which means that anywhere between six and nine (or more) automobile accidents in Santa Ana involved ridesharing services and Uber vehicles.

Injuries Or Deaths From Uber Accidents In 2017 In Santa Ana

24 automobile accidents in Santa Ana during 2017 ended up involving fatalities, with more than 100 automobile accidents during that same stretch of time having some injuries reported.

Rideshare service specific injury and fatality reports for 2017 are in complete, but it’s likely that some of those automobile accidents involved vehicles that were driven by Uber drivers (or some other ridesharing service).

How Many Uber Drivers Are There In California

There are more than 385,000 Uber drivers in the state of California alone, and Uber believes that they will have close to 500,000 drivers working for their ridesharing service in California within the next five years (and likely even sooner than that).

How Many Uber Passengers Have The Uber App

According to the folks at Uber, more than 110 million people worldwide (with 70% of that market share in the United States alone) have already downloaded this ridesharing app to their device.

By 2021 they estimate that more than 540 million people worldwide will be using this application, with roughly 18% of all smart phone users in California alone reporting that they have it on their device.

What % Of Uber Accidents Involved A Distracted Driver?

80% of all automobile accidents in the state of California can be linked directly to distracted or inattentive driving.

This happens when an Uber driver is texting and rear ends the car in front of them.

This figure continues to climb year after year and it is one of the largest root issues when it comes to automobile accidents in California and throughout the rest of the United States.

Average Uber Passenger Spend On Uber Rides

According to the US Department of Transportation, your average American spends just over $4000 on ridesharing services like Uber each and every single year.

On average, Uber rides cost $22 a piece and your average user takes advantage of these ridesharing services between three and four times each week.

Those living in California cities are even more likely to take advantage Uber throughout the week, and some commute completely with the help of ridesharing services like this.